About Us!

About Dr. Clióna Murphy

I grew up and went to school locally in a town called Macroom, in Co.Cork, Ireland. My Dad was the local pharmacist and was his dad, my grand-dad. I was always inspired by the connection he had with people locally and in the surrounding areas.

The summers were spent working in the pharmacy, at the front counter, and I witnessed the same thing I see everyday in urgent care and GP surgeries: People looking for ways to prevent illness with food supplements, vitamins and other natural means to prevent illnesses that avoid prescription medication.

There is no doubt in the scientific literature that people can help themselves with diet and exercise and depending on what they are trying to achieve with certain supplements or vitamins.

Having graduated as a doctor, and coming face to face with the stresses of life as a junior doctor in Ireland, I in turn looked to diet and lifestyle and tailored supplements to achieve better mental and physical wellbeing.

Working as a doctor, listening to patients inspired me to develop a supplement designed to help people lower their cholesterol and improve their cardiovascular health. I’ve been working towards it for the last 10 years and the research has been drawn from the highest quality clinical publications.

Longevity is what we should aspire to as humans. To live healthy long lives. The people in this world that live the longest do so by eating well and exercising regularly for e.g the people of the Mediterranean who live longer with lower rates of chronic diseases.

Dr. Clióna Murphy grew up in Macroom, Co. Cork.

After studying Medicine at NUI Galway, she completed the Cork Specialist GP training scheme, and has a number of post graduate masters degrees.

About ivitamins LTD

“When doing my Masters in Public Health, I focused my research thesis on vitamins and supplements. I looked at their use in Ireland and globally and whether there was any benefit. Most are priced quite expensively, but don’t actually do much if anything.

I wanted to develop “Supplements With A Purpose”. To provide quality supplements, that had a quantifiable effect in the body that would provide longstanding health benefits. And so I founded the company ivitamins LTD.”

About Lifestyle

“We are conditioned to believe that the sole purpose of medicine is to treat symptoms with medication. Don’t get me wrong, certain ailments need certain medications or devices. But there is a huge amount of research in existence that describes how we can prevent, or alleviate and sometimes reverse certain illnesses with diet and lifestyle.”

About Cholestero-Low ᵀᴹ

“From listening to patients over the years, it became obvious that not everyone wants to wait until they develop disease, they want to prevent diseases from developing. The first step to doing this is diet and lifestyle. However, some people need something extra that they can use alongside their diet before prescription medication.

Cholestero-Lowᵀᴹ was developed with those patients in mind.”

About the product

Cholestero-Low ᵀᴹ  is a heart and gut supplement.

The main ingredient in Cholestero-Low ᵀᴹ is Oat beta-glucan. Oat beta-glucan is approved by the European Food Safety Authority as a cholesterol lowering supplement.This soluble fibre can reduce your total cholesterol and your LDL (bad cholesterol). 

Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is involved in energy production and is added for heart health. CoQ10 is a vitamin like substance that we make in our bodies, however our levels decrease with age.

Inulin is a specialised type of fibre that is a prebiotic that is good for the bacteria in our bowel and helps the Oat beta-glucan lower cholesterol.