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Dr. Clióna Murphy, GP, founded ivitaminsᵀᴹ Ltd., which produces the innovative premium product Cholestero-Lowᵀᴹ.

In response to patients’ desires to reduce cholesterol naturally, she created and developed Cholestero-Lowᵀᴹ.

Dr. Murphy continues to run ivitaminsᵀᴹ Ltd. as well as working as a general practitioner.

Doctor Developed – Patient Inspired

cholesterol lowering supplement

Cholestero-Low ᵀᴹ is a cholesterol lowering heart and gut supplement.

The main ingredient in Cholestero-Low ᵀᴹ is Oat beta-glucan. Oat beta-glucan is approved by the European Food Safety Authority as a cholesterol lowering supplement. This soluble fibre can reduce your total cholesterol and your LDL (bad cholesterol). It can also help regulate blood sugars. It does this by forming a viscous layer in the gut.

Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is involved in energy production and is added for heart health.

Inulin is a specialised type of fibre that is a prebiotic. It benefits the good bacteria in our gut, aiding gut health whilst also helping lower cholesterol.

ivitaminsᵀᴹ LTD

ivitamins Ltd. is an Irish company. Cholestero-Low is designed, formulated, and produced in Ireland.

“Supplements With A Purpose”

We strive to provide quality premium supplements, that have a quantifiable effect in the body that provide longstanding evidenced-based health benefits.

Cholestero-Low ᵀᴹ

From listening to patients, I was inspired to develop a supplement to help lower blood cholesterol levels that worked in conjunction with diet and lifestyle.

Cholestero-Lowᵀᴹ was developed with these patients in mind.

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