Cholesterolow cholesterol lowering suplement

Cholestero-Low on TV!

Cholestero-Low on Irish TV! We aired our first commercial this year on Irish TV. Check out the video! Cholestero-Low is in Irish Pharmacies.

chart for cholesterol levels

What are My Cholesterol Levels Supposed to be ? The earlier you know your levels the better!

What Are Normal Cholesterol Levels? Cholesterol Levels Ireland In Ireland, from the age of 40 onwards, you will have your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, etc. checked on an ongoing basis. This is then measured as a risk assessment in terms of other medical issues, family history etc. Cholesterol levels in the US are checked from […]

Cholesterolow cholesterol lowering suplement

Why is bad cholesterol bad and how does menopause affect cholesterol

Why is our bad cholesterol bad? Remind me what cholesterol is again? Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in the tissues of plants and animals. It’s been likened to soft candle wax. Our liver makes cholesterol and we also consume it in our diet. Cholesterol has important uses in the human body, such as helping to […]