Eggs and Cholesterol

To eat eggs, or not to eat eggs, that is the question

Why are eggs “controversial” ? Because at the same time as being a complete protein, packed with vitamins and minerals, they also contain fats and cholesterol.  The issue is whether the cholesterol in eggs causes the cholesterol  in our blood to rise. And whether consuming eggs causes an increase in cardiac illness such as stroke or heart attacks etc.  […]

rape seed oil cholesterol

Rape Seed Oil

The Cholestero-Low Blog is Back! Hey Everyone! A good few months has passed since I last posted. GP work has been intense and busy, and Cholestero-Low has been through some challenging times! Thankfully, we have overcome those difficult times, and I’m delighted to announce that new, more sustainably packaged Cholestero-Low is available again now online!  And […]

trans fats bad for cholesterol

The Top Foods That are Increasing Your Cholesterol

The Top Foods That Are increasing your cholesterol — Intro There was no way of putting a positive spin on this blog. And, the post was rewritten and edited I don’t know how many times.  I guess the most important thing is to be aware of food labels, and words like partially hydrogenated, and oils/fats like […]