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Let’s lower cholesterol naturally, together. 

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What is Cholestero-Low™?

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Cholestero-Low is a cholesterol lowering heart and gut supplement.

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From listening to patients, Dr. Clióna Murphy realised many people were looking for a way to lower cholesterol naturally, in addition to diet and lifestyle.

Cholestero-Low was developed for those people. 

  • Supplement to lower cholesterol naturally. 

  • Cholestero-Low comes in a tub in powder format, 30 servings per tub. 

  • Two flattened scoops = 1 serving.

  • Available in two flavours.

  • When added to 250mls of water, it makes a lemon or strawberry flavoured drink. Cholestero-Low can also, for e.g be added to smoothies, cereal or yoghurt!

  • EFSA approved to lower cholesterol and stabilise blood sugars.
  • Additional benefits gut health, energy and heart health. 
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Claire Glynn
Claire Glynn
17:24 14 Apr 22
Would highly recommend this product.My cholesterol was 6.3 Nov 21.Medication was mentioned by my doctor but i... researched an alternative & found Cholesterol Low.April 22 my cholesterol is now 5.2.I take 2 scoops of the strawberry flavour every morning mixed in a shaker with water & love it. Great find!read more
Bea Callagy
Bea Callagy
12:05 29 Jan 21
Cholesterolow is a brilliant product. 100% Irish product. After years of taking other products to keep my cholesterol... under control I finally found a product that has taken my cholesterol down from 5.3 to 4.7 in a few months . I’m full for longer after taking Cholesterolow. I take Cholesterolow as a drink which is very easy to take and it’s delicious. I take the lemon flavour. My mum is also taking Cholesterolow and she loves it.read more
Bernadette Whelehan
Bernadette Whelehan
15:07 17 Sep 20
I started using cholesterolow in March when my cholesterol was 7.3 and 6 months on I have had my cholesteol checked and... it is down to 5.9.. I am very happy with that ..In the beginning i took one sachet every morning with water as a drink after 2 months i would take every 2nd or 3rd day you can put in your oats or mix with greek yoghurt.. i find strawberry very pleasantBut it is well worth a try for sure..read more
kate tierney
kate tierney
09:30 27 Aug 20
Absolutely love taking Cholesterolow! When I found out my parents and grandparents all had high cholesterol, I knew I... wanted something to help prevent that happening to me. Luckily a friend recommended this product and I’ve been taking it for about 6 months now. It’s such a bonus that it’s prebiotic and good for gut health, and I’ve incorporated it into my morning routine. It leaves me feeling satisfied and tastes delicious too. I’ve got my mom hooked on it too now, highly recommend!read more
Denis O'Connor
Denis O'Connor
21:18 30 Apr 20
I am delighted to say that Cholesterolow is ACTUALLY helping me get my cholesterol under control! After years of... searching I now in a more confident place when it comes to my levels and also I am sleeping better than I have slept in years! Thanks Guys!!!read more
Gary o reilly
Gary o reilly
16:29 30 Apr 20
Love this product.. Super versatile, great in cereal or in a drink.. I started on the strawberry flavour and then tried... the lemon flavour, both are equally delicious... Last time I had a check up, my blood sugars and cholesterol were back to normal levels... Thank you cholesterol lowread more
Chris Devlin
Chris Devlin
15:14 30 Apr 20
This has been really easy to incorporate into my daily routine, and seeing clear benefits from doing so. Have a history... of heart disease in my family and it's great to be able to be able to do something to reduce those risks.read more
cyrus doctor
cyrus doctor
15:13 30 Apr 20
As a surgeon and medical researcher when I found out I had high cholesterol and a routine test I did A LOT of research... into non-pharmaceutical ways to reduce my cholesterol.So when I saw a doctor with a Masters in Public health had formulated something with a huge amount of clinical evidence behind it I looked into it a lot and found some very good science behind it.I bought my first box about six months ago and while I won't to post my results publicly I am very pleased to say my cholesterol has come down significantly while on cholesterol low. Incidentally have also had more energy and lost some weight so that’s a happy extra benefit.Highly recommend it!read more
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
14:27 30 Apr 20
Love it, fab for managing my energy levels, particularly given the new stresses and strains of our new 'normality'.I... keep it simple mixed with water in the morning, normally just after breakfastread more
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Cholesterol down 19% and 9lbs weight loss!

Great Irish Product-Much easier to take than any medicine!I sprinkle the sachet on my weetabix every morning! Its gorgeous!

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26% DROP

7.8 to 5.8 in 2 months !!

I took Cholestero-Low for 2 months and my cholesterol came down from 7.8 to 5.8. I would have been better with my diet and exercise but not not enough to cause this much of a change. I started with Strawberry but I prefer the lemon !!

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Both my parents had high cholesterol and I don’t want to end up on medication. The prebiotic is great for my gut health also. I was previously buying Co-enzyme Q10 and probiotics, so switching to this makes sense. I have it on my granola every morning. 

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ivitamins LTD founder Dr. Clióna Murphy.

From Macroom originally, she continues to work as a GP.

She has a big interest in preventative health and in using diet and lifestyle to stay healthy. 

When developing the concept of ivitamins and Cholestero-Low, “Supplements With a Purpose” was of prime importance to her. 

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