cholesterol lowering diet recipes

Awesome and Easy Cholesterol Lowering Diet Recipes

best cholesterol lowering diet ideas

In Season 2 of Heart Hacks, I headed home to Macroom to make some delicious, easy cholesterol lowering and healthy heart cooking videos( My kitchen is waay too small + plus any excuse to head home!)

Cholesterol Lowering Healthy Heart Recipes

“Absolute Anti-Cholesterol Crush”
Overnight oats with Cholestero-Low and fresh fruit !
This is the equivalent to 5 bowls of porridge
Made with oat milk.
***As mentioned previously, I am not an influencer or professional chef for that matter, therefore please excuse (or feel free to enjoy!) my occasional pauses, speech malfunctions etc.
Design this recipe to suit yourself, I’m not going to give specific amounts, as it will depend on how you like your oats in terms of flavour, texture etc.

Why did I use oat milk? I like it, and I wanted to get as much oat-ness into this as possible. Use any sort of milk you prefer, cows milk, almond etc.

But what I use in this recipe is 

Oats  (the normal amount you would eat if cooking porridge)

Oat milk( how do you like your oats? Moist ? Dry? Dont be afraid to experiment)

Sachet of Cholestero-Low

Chopped up fresh fruit ( add the night before or pop in in the morning) 

Mix !

Put in a sealed container (this is important if you are taking to work- I have put in a container and ended up with oats all over my bag in the past !) 

Give a good mix, esp if you are adding Cholestero-Low. No harm, if you think of it, to give one more mix before sleep.


Feel fuller for longer for the whole day (oat beta-glucan forms viscous layer) 

Cholesterol Lowering +++ 

Prebiotic Effect ( feeding good bacteria of your gut)

Vitamins, Antioxidants with the Fresh Fruits

“Chia Seed Overnight Soak with Cholestero-Low “

Did you know that each sachet of Cholestero-Low is the equivalent of 4 bowls of porridge with only 28 calories and can lower your Cholesterol by up to 20%  !! Though we have been having much higher reductions, 26% is our highest drop! 

Experiment with 

Chia seeds (quantity- try 1/4 cup to start with!)

Add your Cholestero-Low

Oat Milk (Or milk of your choice) Try cupfull 

Add in a few cardamon seeds for a little extra flavour and kick ! ( + anti-oxidant properties!) 

Mix and pop in the fridge ! 

The next time you make Chia seeds overnight soak, you change the amount of milk/ chia seeds you add!

Add fresh fruit/ almond butter for a great heart healthy breakfast.

I find, giving an extra mix before heading off to bed allows the seeds to soak up more of the milk. 

Chia seeds are very nutritious ! The come from a plant called, Salvia hispanic.

They contain Fibre, protein, magnesium, calcium omega 3 fatty acids, phosphorous, b1,2 &3, and zinc !

Soak them over night in oat milk with Cholestero-Low for a ready to go heart healthy Breakfast ! 

A 1/4 cup of chia seeds contains approx 180 calories and is packed full of good fibres.

They also contain good fats, such as alpha linoleic acid, and omega 3 fat, which is great for your heart. 

They are a source of protein containing all 9 amino acids not made by your body.

Chia seeds also have anti-oxidant properties.



Chopped fresh coriander (Coriander is a source of Vitamin A,C,K, mangenese, iron) The nice taste/ floral aspect of coriander comes from linalool, which is is also in the planat Cannabis Sativa.

Chopped Baby Tomatoes

Pomegranates ( cut in half and over a big bowl push the pomegranates out ! I am not an expert on this, and always make a mess!)

Olive oil, 1-2 teaspoons.

Mix !

Couscous- Add water and boil, takes 4-5 mins.

Mix the coucous and the salad together.

Oven Steamed Chicken

Why oven steam ? I don’t have an oven steamer ?

You can make your own with a bowl of boiling water next to the dish to be cooked.

Steaming allows moisture and flavour is retained, and vitamins and minerals are not lost.

Oven Steaming allows the chicken to absorb the water and becomes nice and juicy !

Oven- preheat to 140 C.

Marinade chicken breast in:

olive oil

tumeric (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant)


garlic (good for blood pressure, reduces cholesterol and contains vitamins and minerals like Vit C, manganese)


dash of soya sauce

dash of white wine (leftover in the fridge!)

I don’t use specific amounts, I experiment with flavour and try again with less or more of each except one to two teaspoons of oilive oil, and same with soya.

Boil water and put in a bowl near the dish (Note-Be careful transferring the boiling water !!)

Add the chicken and leave for approx 15- 20 mins.

What you have is a really healthy nutritious dish !

Easy Low Cal Heart Healthy Lunch

Very Easy so why bother doing this video ?

To highlight that not every sandwich or lunch needs a big spoon of mayonnaise or coleslaw !

Therefore for this lunch all you need is :

Brown-bread, Olive oil, coriander, apple, lettuce, baby tomatoes ! Into your lunchbox or tinfoil and healthy lunch awaits !

Sexy Cholestero-Low Lemon Smoothie

Lower your cholesterol and improve your heart health with this DELICIOUS smoothie

Sachet of lemon Cholestero-Low !

Apple, pear, banana, oat milk, blueberries, banana, teaspoon of almond butter and squeeze of lime !

Blitz in the blender and share with family and friends !

Lime & Thyme

Bowl of boiling Water in the oven, separate to the fish – it provides the steam (be careful!)

Cook at the temp you usually cook fish around 140. 

Depending on your oven should be done in 15-20. 

Its worth checking the fish a few times the fist time you do this, so you know how its progressing WRT time

Then the next time you’ll know how long it needs! 

Super easy, super healthy!

Season Finale

I really enjoyed being in the kitchen and sharing these recipes with you all. 

I had loads of fun down at home in Macroom, and so here is the bloopers reel along with some local friendly faces!

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