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Rape Seed Oil

The Cholestero-Low Blog is Back! Hey Everyone! A good few months has passed since I last posted. GP work has been intense and busy, and Cholestero-Low has been through some challenging times! Thankfully, we have overcome those difficult times, and I’m delighted to announce that new, more sustainably packaged Cholestero-Low is available again now online!  And […]

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The Top Foods That are Increasing Your Cholesterol

The Top Foods That Are increasing your cholesterol — Intro There was no way of putting a positive spin on this blog. And, the post was rewritten and edited I don’t know how many times.  I guess the most important thing is to be aware of food labels, and words like partially hydrogenated, and oils/fats like […]

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New Year, New You? Nope. Same Old Me! How To Start Cultivating Sustainable Happiness!

New Year, New You? Nope. Same Old Me. How To Start Cultivating Sustainable Happiness! Part 1  New body, new brain etc.  Or not. New Year. Same old me.  This blog as per the heading is about sustainable happiness. I have veered away from the regular blog format of quoting references from the scientific literature. This […]