Honey and Health Benefits! Over To the Bee Farm at Macroom Buffalo Farm

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Honey  So what is honey ? Honey is made by the honey bee and it is made up of natural sugars, water, organic acids and proteins.  The honey making process involves transforming phytochemicals from the floral nectars into honey. The bee changes the nectar (by bee-secreted enzymes) into fructose and glucose. The non sugar components […]

Cholestero-Low Meets the Roughty Foodie at the English Market, Cork.

Cholesterolow and Dr Murphy meeting Margo Ann Murphy from the Roughty Foodie at the English Market Cork

The Roughty Foodie!  The Roughty Foodie is a 3rd Generation Market stall at the English Market in Cork. Set up by Margo Ann Murphy’s father, they have adapted to changing lifestyles and demands. They sell locally sourced fresh fruit & vegetables, as well as local artisanal produce.  Margo tells us about where her stall got […]

Quick, Easy Ways to bring healthy snacks into your diet to Improve Heart Health by Cholestero-Low and Dr. Murphy

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Munchies that crunch Get rid of the crisps! Calorie heavy and full of saturated fats & hydrogenated fats/trans fats (the worst kind of fats!) in some cases.  Try Olives!  Carrot sticks!  Roasted chickpeas Rice cakes and whole grain crackers Nuts & seeds. Hummus Why not try hummus instead of mayo on your sandwich or with […]