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Mind, Body, Heart and Soul!

Stress, socialising, gratitude and mindfulness.. Cholestero-Low ᵀᴹ Doctor Developed ~ Patient Inspired This episode was filmed before the lockdown, and to be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about posting it. I felt it was a bit preachy in the current context. However, I decided to post it, with the aim of encouraging everyone, myself […]

Know your cholesterol and blood pressure!

The Framingham Heart Study was the first study to observe people that ended up having heart attacks and what they had in common. Heart Hacks S3E6 Know your Numbers Blood Pressure Smoker / Non-smoker Cholesterol Family History of Heart Disease BMI Diabetes The Framingham Heart Study Framingham is a town in Massachusetts, about 50 minutes […]

Muscle Mass and Your Heart

You dont have to be a body builder, to maintain a healthy muscle mass. Is having more muscle better for men and women ? USE it or Loose IT !  From our 30’s onwards, muscle mass naturally declines. This is known as sarcopenia.  As a result,  the percentage of fat in your body will increase […]

Get Your Vitamins and Minerals on your plate!

Getting your daily dose of vitamins from your plate. The Food Pyramids The Food Pyramids/ Plates speak for themselves. Following them ensures the consumption of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals into our diet !  The Food Plate Fruit and vegetables are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Healthy Eating Is about getting the correct […]

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Food labels Made Easy!

Where We Get Our Macros / How Food Labelling Can Shape Your Health What are macros in our diet ? FOOD LABELS ARE FREE! They tell you about your ‘Macros’ Macronutrients! Total calories, amounts of Fats (esp saturated), Protein and Carbohydrates. For adults- fats from our diet should be somewhere between 20-25% of calories for […]