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Honey and Health Benefits! Over To the Bee Farm at Macroom Buffalo Farm


So what is honey ?

Honey is made by the honey bee and it is made up of natural sugars, water, organic acids and proteins. 

The honey making process involves transforming phytochemicals from the floral nectars into honey. The bee changes the nectar (by bee-secreted enzymes) into fructose and glucose. The non sugar components are, for the most part, formed from the bee enzymes. 


Cough? Honey and lemon…

Sore Throat- honey and lemon… 

Is there any evidence it works?

A number of systematic reviews, (studies that group studies together) looked at the efficacy of the honey for the symptoms of the common cold.

The concluded that:

honey tea for health and cough
honey tea for health and cough

Skin Care

Archaeological evidence highlights honeys presence in skin care from at least 4500BC. 

The earliest known skin textbook or cosmetic treatise written by a woman physician,(1100 AD)Trotula de Ruggiero, remains significant. In part due to the fact that there were female physicians at the Medical School in Solerno but also  unlike many other works of the time her “cures rarely included prayers, incantations, astrology or other forms of blatant superstition.”

“De Passionibus Mulierium Curandarum (about women’s deseases)” 

Back to modern times, and emerging evidence argues for honeys ability to interact with the cellular machinery involved in carrying out tissue repair. Certain skin conditions such as acne, herpes and and skin rashes are being examined with honey as a treatment.

Honey (1-10%) and honey derivative is an ingredient in mane a growing number of products for skin and hair. 

Honey And Burns 

There is evidence that minor burns can be treated with honey.

A Cochrane review, found that burns treated with honey compared to topical antibiotics were quicker to heal, but these studies looked at medical grade honey!


Research is favourable for honey and cholesterol! It is found in studies that honey 


I generally use honey in the following ways

  • Honey, crunchy peanut butter and banana on rye cracks or toast
  • Added to overnight oats
  • Top on my porridge

Check out this overnight oats video we made for Season 2 of Heart Hacks. “Absolute Anti-Cholesterol Crush Video”!

honey recipes overnight oats and honey
honey recipes overnight oats and honey

Antioxidant Capacity 

Over all the benefits of honey are down to the antioxidant properties. Polyphenol and flavonoids have been identified and more recently, the identification of ubiquinones as a potential contribution to honey’s antioxidant capacity.

The honey making process involves transforming phytochemicals from the floral nectars into honey. 

Macro and Micronutrients of Honey! 

8000 year old cave painting foraging for honey
8000 cave painting foraging for honey

Thought to be 8000 years old, this cave painting depicts a woman foraging for honey. Araña Caves, Spain. 


On a recent trip to Macroom Buffalo Farm, Kieran Lynch showed me what he had gotten up to over the first lockdown… Bee keeping and honey making! 

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