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Achieve Your Heart Health Goals & Longevity With These Heart Hacks!

  1. 10,000 Steps a day . For heart healthy goals for longevity, no matter what weight or age you are, exercise improves heart health, weight, cholesterol and blood pressure. If you are already doing that, well done and you could consider adding on some more!
  2. High Interval Intensity Training– Anything from 30 seconds to 30 mins. In those over 65, it resulted in reduced age related changes to cells!! I love HIITS as I prefer different challenges rather than the same monotonous exercise everyday!
  3. Oats! Like the ingredients of Cholestero-Low, oats have massive benefits in lowering cholesterol, lowering your risk of Type 2 Diabetes, and improving your gut health!!
  4. Fruit and Vegetables – Irrespective of whether you smoke, how over-weight you might have found yourself, and the amount of exercise you get- THE MORE FRUIT AND VEGETABLES YOU EAT THE BETTER. They are full of antioxidants and phytochemicals beneficial for your heart health and longevity. Even on a budget !
  5. Reduce the amount of red meat & processed meat in your diet. Excessive red & processed meat affects everything from your cholesterol, blood pressure, to erectile dysfunction and Alzheimers Disease.

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