OKRA! Cholesterol lowering and diabetes controlling benefits


Okra (Hibiscus Esculentus), is a green vegetable (also known as ladies fingers). The immature seed pods from the okra plant form the vegetable.  You might have noticed Okra in your local ethnic restaurant. 

Okra’s benefits comes from its significant anti-oxidant properties one such antioxidant being flavanoids, as well as its nutrient rich profile. Vitamins and minerals found in Okra include magnesium, manganese, potassium, vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, B1, and B6.

Health Benefits

Okra is a viscous fibre, like oats(oat beta-glucan in Cholestero-low).With respect to the cholesterol lowering, diabetes controlling and appetite curbing, these benefits mainly stem from its viscous fibrous nature. (Shameless shout out for the benefits of Cholestero-low!)

Cholesterol Lowering 

Read the diet sheet from a cholesterol lowering study that used okra, oats and other heart healthy ingredients here! 

(The okra/oat group lowered cholesterol almost as much as the statin (33%v 30%). Read that here)

Curbing appetite cravings 

Similar to the oat beta-glucan in (Cholestero-Low!!), the okra, is a vicious/soluble fibre that encourages/tricks the gut into feel fuller for longer.

Diabetes Control 

Increasingly, research into its anti-diabetic properties is being investigated though  the exact mechanism hasn’t been fully figured out. In a broad range of studies, the results are positive and similar. The studies showed a reduction in blood sugar, and HbA1C as well as improvement in cholesterol or lipid profile.


Animal Research

It is important to highlight, that whilst there are human studies, much of the research on okra has been carried out on animals. How? By getting mice and rats to eat okra and checking for the outcomes!


How do you cook OKRA ??

Read more here

How ??

Where do I get OKRA ?


You can get okra in various supermarkets, local markets & asian markets. A link to one place I found that delivers is here

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